Glendale, California Residential Landlord Tenant Ordinances

Sage Stone, Esq.

Updated March 2019

Glendale, California significantly expanded tenant rights by Ordinance No. 5922. Effective March 14, 2019, the new ordinance:

  • Expanded Just Cause Eviction protections available to tenants;
  • Expanded a landlord’s responsibility to provide relocation assistance to tenants;
  • Requires landlords to offer one-year leases;
  • Requires landlords to serve a Notice of Relocation Assistance in specified situations; and
  • May rollback rent increases in effect on September 18, 2018 (plus any increases allowed under Ordinance 5919, which imposed a temporary moratorium on certain rent increases, effective September 18, 2018).

Additional Resources:

  • A detailed informational package about the Glendale ordinances is available for $350.00. Contact attorney Sage Stone at or 800.577.4587 for purchase.
  • A Glendale Offer to Lease form is available from Sage Stone at or 800.577.4587. The cost of this form is $350.00.
  • For an attachment to be used in Glendale when giving a notice of termination, notice to pay rent or quit, notice to perform covenant or quit, or other similar notice, describing the reason for the termination, with specific facts to permit a determination of the date, place and circumstances of the reason, contact attorney Sage Stone at or 800.577.4587. The cost of this attachment is $350.00.
  • For a consultation about Glendale’s laws, contact attorney Sage Stone at or 800.577.4587. This service is provided on an hourly fee basis, and the hourly rate is $300.00.

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