Good News Regarding Orange County Lockouts

April 2019

We have good news regarding the delays in Orange County lockouts. At the beginning of March, the Sheriff’s Department reassigned six more deputies to the lockout team in Orange County.  We have also learned that the Sheriff’s Department is putting a plan in place to make sure lockouts are expedited.  They advise that postings should occur within one (1) business day following receipt of the Writ of Possession and that lockouts should be completed within seven (7) days.

The effort to add more deputies and expedite the lockouts was made possible through our partnership with the California Apartment Association (CAA) who in turn was able to work with Orange County Supervisor Lisa Bartlett’s office in addressing this issue with the Sheriff’s Department.

Once the added deputies were onboard, we started seeing immediate results in reducing the time it took to do a lockout. The Sheriff’s Department has been moving the deputies around in various ways which is resulting in some areas of the county being almost “fully caught up”.   Some clients are reporting that there are less than four deputies appearing at lockouts as well, so the Sheriff’s Department may also be revising their policy.  However, we have not confirmed this with the Sheriff’s Department.

Updated lockout times for cases filed in Harbor (Newport Beach) Justice Center are showing about a 1 week delay in lockout times and 2-3 weeks for cases filed in the North (Fullerton) and Central (Santa Ana) Justice Centers. As noted, these are averages with some lockouts taking place without any of the delays we have been experiencing since late 2018.

As a reminder, the actual time for a lockout notice to be posted on a tenant’s door remains unaffected by Sheriff’s Department policies.

Kimball, Tirey & St. John LLP continues to work with the Sheriff’s Department, our friends at CAA and other government officials to find solutions to reduce the delays. We will send out a further update when we have more information on this issue.

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