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Recorded Webinar – Best Practices When Serving Notices to Pay Rent or Quit


The payment of rent is the foundation of almost every residential tenancy. And when rent goes unpaid, landlords must know how to appropriately address the situation. Notices to Pay Rent or Quit are the most common Notices served; however, they are often prepared incorrectly, and served with errors that could have been prevented. Often too late, landlords discover that these minor (and sometimes major) mistakes negatively impact the outcome of their unlawful detainer action, resulting in a dismissal of the action or a judgment in the tenant’s favor.

This webinar provides the best practices and most common pitfalls encountered when preparing and serving 3 day notices. Topics include:
• Establishing when rent is due and identifying when rent becomes late
• Legal requirements when preparing a Notice to Pay Rent or Quit, including what can, and cannot be, included
• A review of the eviction process and some tips for proving your non-payment of rent case at trial

You won’t want to miss this!

Recorded on 6/20/18