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Recorded Webinar – A Breath of Fresh Air: Burning Issues Surrounding Tobacco and Marijuana Smoking in Rental Property



Smoking continues to be a burning topic in the rental housing industry. Landlords often have to make difficult decisions in this area, such as determining whether or not they will (or have to) restrict smoking at their property, creating and enforcing rules concerning smoking, and appropriately responding to complaints of smoking. The passage of Proposition 64 raises additional concerns with regard to the use of recreational marijuana at their properties. Smoking (whether marijuana, tobacco, or e-cigarettes) will likely result in more questions, more conflict between neighbors, and greater property damage.

The webinar will cover the following: Smoke-free v. smoking communities: What are the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a smoke-free property; What steps are required to make the conversion; How do you handle violations; Second-hand smoke: What are a landlord’s responsibilities to residents regarding second-hand smoke; What is a landlord to do when faced with complaints of drifting smoke; Recreational Marijuana: can a landlord restrict recreational marijuana at their properties; What steps are required to do so; Medical Marijuana: What is the current status of medical marijuana in California; What are the fair housing implications of denying usage for a disability?

(Recorded on 10/26)