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Recorded Webinar – Get a Fix on Habitability Issues


Landlords are expected to provide tenants with property that is fit to live in. Before a new tenant moves into the property, the Landlord must ensure that the unit is habitable and free from major defects. What makes a dwelling legally habitable? What are tenants responsible for and what are the landlord’s responsibilities? What happens if a repair is needed? Whose responsibility is it to make this repair? If the tenant does something that damages the unit, is the Landlord expected to fix the problem and absorb those costs? What happens if a tenant doesn’t pay rent, claiming his dwelling is uninhabitable? This webinar will provide you with “all the dirt” to help you understand your responsibilities and obligations to both provide and maintain habitable premises for your tenant.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about:
– The Landlord’s duty to provide habitable premises
– Case law regarding the implied warranty of habitability
– Tenant’s responsibility to maintain the unit
– The Landlord’s obligation to make repairs when a tenant damages the unit
– Conditions that render an apartment unit uninhabitable
– What kinds of repairs Landlords are obligated to make
– Habitability issues vs. minor repairs
– Tenant’s recourse when the Landlord fails to provide habitable premises

Webinar fee: $29.95. Recorded on 3/21.