Recorded webinar

Recorded Webinar: 2019 Residential Preventive Law Handbook Series – Post Tenancy and Collections


This is the final part in our Residential Preventive Law Series. There are obligations and responsibilities at the termination of a tenancy which you need to make sure that you follow in order to avoid potential liability with your resident. This part of the series will address the rules and issues with abandoned property and the security deposit accounting.

Additionally, often times your resident leaves the property while leaving a balance on the ledger. This seminar will go over the collection process, a checklist for collections, different ways to collect, and answers the common questions related to collecting on a debt.

Part 5 of a 5 part series on the 2019 KTS Residential Preventive Law Handbook.

Presented by Atty. Tracey Merrell on November 26, 2019