San Diego City Recycling Ordinance

Jamie Sternberg, Esq.

June 2019


The City of San Diego’s Recycling Ordinance requires recycling by single family residences; City-serviced multi-family residences; and privately serviced business, commercial/institutional facilities, apartments, and condominiums generating four or more cubic yards of trash per week.

Mandatory recycling program components include:

  • Recycling containers
  • Hauling recyclable materials at least two times per month
  • Signage near each recycling bin listing materials to be recycled (plastic bottles and jars, paper, newspaper, metal containers, cardboard, and glass containers)
  • Informational materials that must be distributed to tenants (1) at the inception of the recycling program, (2) at the time of all new rental or lease agreements, (3) annually, and (4) anytime the recycling program is modified.  The materials must explain where recycling containers are located on the property, what may be recycled, and when haulers empty the containers.

The City of San Diego’s website explaining the recycling ordinance is available at

The City of San Diego’s “Educational Toolkit” for the recycling program is available at .  It contains documents that can be downloaded and printed for use by property owners or managers.

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