September Back to Basics


We will be presenting four separate webinars which guide you through our California Residential Preventive Law Handbook. If you are new to property management or if you have never had an in-depth training, this is the program is for you. The training will be an all-day series consisting of four modules. You can can drop in anytime, stay logged in for the entire program and ask questions or you can watch the recording afterwards at your convenience. The recording will be available for viewing for one month. The following topics will be presented in the webinar series: Welcome and Pre-Tenancy Issues, During Tenancy, Preparing & Serving Notices with limited Evictions, and Post Tenancy and Collections. If you are interested in only one topic, the series will be broken up after the live session and individual trainings will be available for purchase of $39.95 each. To be presented on September 26th, 2023 at 9:30AM - 3:00PM PST by Partner, Tracey Merrell

This webinar will be recorded. Webinar registrants will be able to view the recording through 10/26/23.


$39.95 and up

Our previously recorded webinars are available for purchase!