KTS Residential Lease

California property owners and managers can reduce risk from tenant disputes by using a well-crafted lease form, and ensuring that the lease form is up-to-date. The goal of simplicity must be balanced against the competing goal of including enough detail in the lease to clearly allocate the parties’ rights and responsibilities in many different areas.

The Kimball, Tirey & St. John LLP Residential Lease has been drafted with these competing concerns in mind.

The lease contains a great deal of detail, but is easy to read and understand and is currently being used in over 230,000 units. It contains checkboxes and fill-in-the blanks areas which allow owners and managers to customize the lease to fit many different situations.

The following addenda are incorporated into the Kimball, Tirey & St. John LLP lease form:

Appliance addendum Pool rules
Asbestos addendum Renter’s insurance addendum
Bed bug addendum Satellite dish addendum
Community rules and policies Security addendum
Crime-free addendum Smoke and carbon monoxide detector addendum
Garage/parking rules Smoke-free addendum
Lead disclosure Storage addendum
Mold addendum Utility addendum
Pest control notice Waterbed addendum
Pet Addendum

Pricing is based on the number of units the user owns or manages.

Number of Units Initial Licensing Fee Annual Updates
250 or less $1000 $325
251-450 $1100 $360
451-650 $1200 $400
651-1200 $1800 $600
1201-2000 $2800 $900
2001-3500 $3200 $1100
3501-6000 $3500 $1200
6001-10000 $4000 $1300
10001+ $4200 $1400

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