Fair Housing

As the number of fair housing complaints and lawsuits filed against owners and management companies continues to rise, so does the need for experienced fair housing legal counsel. Fair housing situations, especially those involving disability, are becoming more and more complex.

Each situation requires an individual analysis of the facts and circumstances. We assist our clients in minimizing the risk that they may become the subject of a costly fair housing complaint or lawsuit.

Our trusted team of experienced fair housing attorneys practice exclusively in this area and have over 35 years of combined experience navigating federal and state fair housing laws in California’s unique legal climate.

If a complaint or lawsuit is filed, our team of defense lawyers have a proven track record in administrative proceedings and state and federal court. Our fair housing attorneys also work closely with our landlord-tenant practice groups as many fair housing issues arise from evictions and other landlord-tenant related situations.

We also offer live and on-line training as a further way to help reduce the risk of fair housing liability. We find that most property managers, on-site personnel and owners benefit from regular fair housing education. Click here for more info on educational services.