State of Emergency Declarations

November 12, 2019

If a state of emergency is declared, and if the state of emergency results from an earthquake, flood, fire, riot, storm, or natural or manmade disaster, California Penal Code §396 generally prohibits price gouging (i.e. price increases of more than 10%) for rental housing and consumer food items or goods, goods or services used for emergency cleanup, emergency supplies, medical supplies, home heating oil, building materials, transportation, freight, and storage services, or gasoline or other motor fuels for 30 days after the emergency is declared. The price gouging restrictions may be extended for additional time periods by state or local officials, boards or other governing bodies authorized to extend the restrictions.

Recent states of emergencies include the following:

The state initially did not promptly update the website (at with new states of emergency, but it now appears to have been updated and is current. 

States of emergency continue through December 31, 2019 in Mendocino, Napa, Santa Barbara, Shasta, and Sonoma counties. 

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